“Life is short. Do what you love.
Go all the way”


The best environment creates the best AI

Our company has been established for the purpose of implementing the result of academic research in our society. "Catching the frontiers of evolving AI technology and pioneering the future with free thinking" is our company's catchphrase. Then what is the future for us? It's a society with excitement, joy, and full of smiles. And the very first step in creating such a future is practical action.

Start from what we "love".

However, we sometimes regret not being able to take action even if we have the desire to do something. We should have the courage to take action with a strong feeling of "love" for the subject.

Be connected

We spend much more time to work. That's why we build a great working environment in our company. A desirable environment is one where people can connect organically inside and outside the company to achieve what we love, where they can talk about their dreams, discuss, challenge, share knowledge, and grow together without being bound by conventional wisdom. If your work is nothing but a pain, you are not working in the right way.

Acting free and Making your own decisions

We believe that if we all have such a wide common understanding, we can act freely without detailed regulations. We decide what to do and how to do it. And we make actions and the outcome after we ponder is the best for the team and work toward your goals. We believe that such a way of working is the best way to enhance the performance of each individual and to enjoy realizing our philosophy.

FAQ : Recruit

  • Q.How can I apply for the job?

    You can apply from the current opening here, or please send us a message from contact form.

  • Q.How does the screening process work?

    1. Apply 2. Document screening 3. Interview (once or twice) 4.Job offer
    An online apptitude test would be required before interview.
    Whole screening process will take 2 weeks to 1 months. 

  • Q.Can I request an interview on Saturday or Sunday?

    Normally we only accept interviews on weekday(Monday to Friday). Please contact us if you have any special circumstances.

  • Q.What average age is your company members?

    Average age is 33 years old. We have various employees from various generations from twenties to fifties

  • Q.Which office can I work?

    Sapporo Office or Tokyo office. Let us know your preference. 

  • Q.Do you have a dress code?

    No, we don't have any dress code. We choose what we wear depending on the occation.

  • Q.For applying a job, do you have any restriction on age or educational background?

    No, We don't have any restrictions. We will make a comprehensive decision based on your career, experience and expertise.

Our members

  • Managing Director
    Takuya Nakamura

  • Outside Director Future University Hakodate Professor Ph.D in EngineeringKeiji Suzuki

  • Outside Director Hokkaido University Professor Ph.D in Engineering
    Hidenori Kawamura

  • Technical Advisor Hokkaido University associate Professor Ph.D in Engineering
    Tomohisa Yamashita

  • Technical Advisor Hokkaido University associate Professor Ph.D in Information Engineering
    Soichiro Yokoyama

Environment around the office
(Sapporo Head Office)

  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)木と川の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)木と川の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)桜の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)木と建物の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)つくしの写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)桜の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)銀杏の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)冬景色の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)冬景色の写真
  • オフィス周辺環境(札幌本社)冬景色の写真

Collaboration with our academic research organization

CHOWA GIKEN Corporation(CGC), we collaborate with Hokkaido University's Chowa Engineering Laboratory and various other academic institutions to work on joint projects. We invite professors to attend the biweekly technical review meetings, where they give us advice on our projects from an academic perspective. This is an advantageous environment for improving your personal skills as you will be exposed to the cutting edge information of academic research in your daily work.

Harmo-lab : Hokkaido University Graduate School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Autonomous Systems Engineering Laboratory – Hokkaido University Graduate School of Computer Science and Information Technology