We are looking for colleagues who are eager to take on the challenge of creating a new future using cutting-edge AI.

Message from Representative

CEO中村 拓哉

Let's design an exciting future society together.

With the belief "Why not pursue what you truly love to the fullest," Chowa Giken, a venture originating from Hokkaido University, operates daily with this exciting sentiment.

Founded in 2009 by Professor Keiji Suzuki (currently President of Future University Hakodate) and Professor Hidetaka Kawamura (Hokkaido University), Chowa Giken emerged to implement specialized research outcomes from academia into society. What initially started as an activity akin to a university research lab circle has evolved, propelled by the rapid advancement of AI. Today, we tackle high-level corporate challenges and venture into creating new services using cutting-edge academic research.

In tandem with the significant changes of this era, our company enters a new phase, and we are seeking like-minded individuals to join us in our pursuit of the next stage of growth. Given the paradigm shift, there may be unexpected challenges. However, we believe that, together with committed companions, even these challenges can be embraced as opportunities for growth. Let's collaboratively build an environment where each person can unleash their creativity to the fullest, inspire each other, learn, and create new value. Will you join us in crafting an exciting future together? We aspire to create a 'thrilling future' with everyone and eagerly await your applications.

Chief executive officer
Takuya Nakamura

Excitement of Working at Chowa Giken


Satisfaction and fulfillment
derived from practical experience

What we aspire to achieve is not becoming critics but actively contributing to the resolution of societal issues and the enhancement of businesses using academic research outcomes. By staying agile and consistently embracing cutting-edge technologies, we can provide reliable AI solutions to society and our customers, resulting in a tangible sense of accomplishment and fulfillment through practical contributions to the community.


Collaborating with
numerous university research labs

Since our establishment, we have fostered collaborative partnerships with numerous university research labs, aiming to enhance our research and development capabilities with advanced expertise. We collaborate with various labs, including Hokkaido University's Harmonious System Engineering Lab (led by Professor Hidetaka Kawamura), Future University Hakodate's Suzuki Lab (led by Professor Keiji Suzuki), Hokkaido University's Autonomous Systems Engineering Lab (led by Professor Masato Yamamoto), Sapporo City University's Regional Collaboration Research Center AI Lab, National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College's Yamashita Lab, Chitose Institute of  Science and Technology's Komatsugawa Lab, and Hokkaido Information University's Yasuda Lab, engaging in joint research initiatives.

鈴木 恵二

Outside Director
Future University Hakodate Professor
Ph.D in Engineering
Keiji Suzuki

川村 秀憲

Outside Director
Hokkaido University Professor
Ph.D in Engineering
Hidenori Kawamura

山下 倫央

Technical Advisor
Hokkaido University Associate Professor
Ph.D in Engineering
Tomohisa Yamashita

横山 想一郎

Technical Advisor
Hokkaido University Associate Professor
Ph.D in Information Engineering
Soichiro Yokoyama


Curiosity and a spirit of challenge

At Harmony Tech, we value fostering curiosity and tackling high-specialized challenges in an environment reminiscent of a lab. We have implemented the 'Research Time' system (10-15% of working hours), allowing individuals to engage in more practical research activities, such as validating cutting-edge technologies or delving deep into specific domains. This culture has contributed to attracting numerous talented researchers.


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* Depending on the position, there may be a coding test as part of the selection process.


  • How long is the selection period?

    The period from application to job offer is typically around one month on average. In some cases, the process may proceed even more quickly.

  • Will the interviews be conducted online?

    We primarily conduct interviews online. However, for candidates in Sapporo or Tokyo, in-person interviews can be arranged upon request.

  • Is it possible to schedule interviews on weekends?

    We typically conduct interviews on weekdays (Monday to Friday). If you have special circumstances, please feel free to discuss them with us separately.

  • Where is the location of the workplace?

    Primarily, the position allows for full remote work. Alternatively, you may choose to work at our Sapporo head office, or at our Tokyo branch. Please indicate your preference when applying.

  • Are there any age or educational restrictions for applying?

    There is no specific age restriction. We will comprehensively evaluate applicants based on their professional background, experience, and expertise.


Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have
any questions or concerns about AI implementation or development.