Leading AI Innovation
shaping the future of
business and society.

Chowa Giken, born from a university research lab, brings forth optimal AI solutions
with a high level of academic expertise and a rich track record in development,
resolving customer challenges through advanced technology.


Our Services

Since its establishment, Chowa Giken has been involved in over 150 AI development and implementation projects.
As seasoned experts in artificial intelligence,
we propose and deliver optimal solutions to address your business challenges.

  • AI Consulting

    We provide consulting services tailored to companies considering AI adoption, guiding them towards optimal solutions for leveraging AI effectively.

  • AI Development
    & Implementation

    We offer end-to-end support, from developing AI solutions to addressing your challenges, to implementation and ongoing operations.

  • AI Talent Development

    We provide seminars and training programs to foster AI talent, meeting the increasing demand for skilled professionals in this field.


Our Features

Since our establishment in 2009, Chowa Giken has been actively engaged in AI research and development
in collaboration with multiple university labs. We continuously refine our technological expertise
while undertaking over 150 AI development and implementation projects
with the goal of addressing challenges and creating value for various companies and organizations.

Our strengths as a venture lie not only in utilizing AI to address challenges such as improving productivity
but also in our flexibility to respond to diverse needs and requests.
This includes integrating AI into our clients' products, as well as collaborating on the joint development of new services that leverage AI.


    Extensive know-how
    based on experience in
    more than 150 AI development
    and implementation projects

    We have a proven track record of developing and providing over 150 AI solutions for challenges across various industries and domains. Leveraging not only cutting-edge knowledge from our daily research and development efforts but also practical know-how accumulated through real projects, we strive to realize the most suitable AI development and implementation for our clients.

    Chowa Giken's distinctive feature lies not only in AI development but also in consulting to identify the optimal form of AI for businesses, Proof of Concept (PoC) development, system construction, and operational support, providing comprehensive assistance.

    With our wealth of expertise, we also offer services such as talent development programs to acquire knowledge about AI and consulting services to outline a more optimal path for AI development.


    Collaboration with multiple
    university AI research labs 
    and academic-level R&D

    The field of AI is evolving at an incredible pace, with new technologies emerging daily and the scope of applications expanding rapidly.

    At Chowa Giken, we ensure advanced research and development capabilities across a wide range of topics, including the latest technologies, by establishing collaborative partnerships with multiple university AI research labs. We actively work towards incorporating these cutting-edge technologies into our development projects. As a standard practice, we seek support from university professors in all AI development projects.

    It's worth noting that nearly 90% of the engineers in Harmony Tech's research and development department hold master's or doctoral degrees. Our highly specialized and skilled team members, serving as your partners, lead the way in developing and operating the most optimal AI solutions.


    Owns proprietary
    high-quality engines
    for linguistic, image, and
    numeric processing.

    Since our establishment in 2009, we have collaborated with research institutions to develop and utilize proprietary AI engines in three domains: 'language,' 'image,' and 'numerical processing.' By customizing and combining these engines, we not only support 'multimodal AI,' which integrates multiple technical areas but also swiftly construct dedicated AI solutions that excel in tackling complex challenges.

    Thanks to our in-house development, our technology boasts flexibility, allowing for seamless customization, API integration, and providing libraries for on-premise use. Additionally, by offering support throughout the operational phase of AI engines, we facilitate rapid service improvements through retraining based on collected data and PDCA cycles.

Our Clients

We have been supporting AI development and implementation for companies of various industries and scales.

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