Capturing the forefront of
evolving AI technology,
Paving the way to a free-thinking future

We are a startup company born from a university laboratory on a mission to apply AI research
into practical use to the good benefit of our society.
With over ten years of experience,we challenge ourselves to be at the forefront of AI problems
to keep on supporting our customers in various industries.


AI Research and Business Development

AI Implementation Consulting

We offer consultation for our clients who are considering the implementation of AI in their business; by proposing AI implementation plan; that includes which AI technology they should consider, how they are going to utilize it, and a feasibility study of such plan.

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AI R&D / implementation / operation

We conduct the technical research and proof-of-concept (PoC) study, necessary to solve the client's problems.
Based on the results of the PoC study results, we provide a one-stop shop for system implementation, operations, AI re-training and tuning.

Intellectual property and licensing business

We offer AI engines and libraries

We provide customized libraries and AI engines to meet a wide variety of applications.

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Human Resource Development Service

Guidance and Support by our AI engineers

We provide expert technical guidance to our clients as they implement our AI technology into their operations or during the development phase of new products or services.

Technical Training for our client's engineers

We help our clients to train their AI human resources by conducting AI technical course