Chowa Giken's mission, vision, and company overview

Greetings from Representative

Striving to Create
a Future Where 
AI and Society Harmonize

Chowa Giken Corporation , a venture originating from Hokkaido University, was established in 2009 with a simple yet strong motivation and curiosity: to apply the specialized knowledge cultivated in university labs beyond the realm of academia and contribute to society. Starting with a desire to pursue what we love and create a space for free exploration, Chowa Giken has grown rapidly, welcoming talents not only from various parts of Japan but also from around the world. Despite this expansion, I remain committed to preserving an open and friendly environment, reminiscent of both a free-spirited setting and the cozy atmosphere of university labs.

Our core philosophy is to "Harmonize AI with Society, allowing individuals to fully unleash their inherent creativity and create a future filled with dreams." While the realization of this vision is an ambitious dream with an uncertain timeline, in this transformative era where past experiences may not apply, we focus on finding ways to overcome challenges rather than dwelling on reasons why it might be difficult. We boldly embrace challenges.

What I can assert with the utmost confidence is the quality of our team. Our greatest asset at Harmony Tech is our employees—individuals with high expertise who dedicate themselves diligently to meet customer expectations. As a still-developing leader, I am confident that, alongside our talented team, we will steadily move forward.

I deeply appreciate the continuous support and trust of everyone. I look forward to your ongoing support as we continue our journey.

Takuya Nakamura, CEO


Guiding Optimal Solutions and Pursuing Value Creation

As professionals with profound expertise in AI, we thoroughly understand and organize challenges, leading to optimal solutions for issue resolution. Moreover, we aspire to achieve new value creation beyond mere automation, made possible by the presence of AI.


A Society where People Unleash Creativity
through Harmony with AI, Living More Freely

AI is not a threat that takes jobs away from people. Instead, it liberates humans from routine or hazardous tasks, allowing us to unlock our unique creativity. We believe in a world where humans and AI harmonize, creating a more liberated and exciting environment.

Company Profile

Company Name CHOWA GIKEN Corporation (CGC)
(certified venture from Hokkaido University)
[Sapporo Head Office]
Office 305, Hokkaido University Business Spring, West 12th Street, Kita-ku Kita 21 jō, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 001-0021 Japan

[Tokyo Branch]
Room 301, ACN Nihonbashi Hamacho Building, 2-1-10 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0007 Japan

[AI SAMURAI JAPAN Limited] (Bangladesh subsidiary)
Skylark MAK84 (5th Floor), House No. 84, Road No. 11, Block D, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
Founding date
November 4th, 2009
Number of
(64 full-time employees, 9 directors, 11 part-time employees, 6 advisors)
*As of Jan. 2024
Capital Stock
169,964,650 Yen (Capital reserve of 169,964,650 Yen)
Business Overview
AI implementation consulting, AI research and development. AI Implementation. Operations, provision of AI engines, human resource development
Chief Executive
 Officer (CEO)
Takuya Nakamura
Board Member
Shinji Suzaki, Director
Daisuke Konaka, Director
Hidenori Kawamura, Co-founder, Professor of Hokkaido University, Outside Director.
Keiji Suzuki, Co-founder, Professor, Future University Hakodate.
Makoto Yasuda, Outside Director
Yoshimi Abe, Corporate Auditor (full-time)
Masakazu Hasegawa, External Corporate Auditor
Tadashi Kawami, External Corporate Auditor
Main Clients
Aeon Hokkaido Co., Ltd., Cresco Co., Ltd., Kotobuki Sangyo Co., Ltd., The Sun Strategic Solutions Co., Ltd., Nikko Co., Ltd., East Japan Telecom Telephone Co. , Ltd., Hitachi Solutions East Japan Co., Ltd., Fusion Co., Ltd. Company Flare Service Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Part-time Job Information Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Shimbun Co., Ltd., INSIGHT LAB Co., Ltd., awl Co., Ltd., AI TOKYO LAB Co., Ltd., etc. (titles omitted, in alphabetical order)

Company History

November 2009
Establishment of CHOWA GIKEN Corporation (CGC) in Sapporo, Japan,
as a venture company of the Hokkaido University Harmonic Engineering Laboratory
June 2014
CHOWA GIKEN starts to attract attention as in Mr. Toshiyuki Takei, Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Mr. Makoto Sugiura, Director-General of the Hokkaido Bureau of Telecommunications, visited the company to observe the research results.
July 2017
Relocated our headquarters to the Hokkaido University Business Spring located North of Hokkaido University Campus.
October 2017
Certified by Hokkaido University as a Hokkaido University Venture Company
May 2018
Opened office in Nihonbashi, Tokyo to expand company operations.
January 2019
Received the "Northern Entrepreneur Award" by the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
June 2019
Selected by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshige Seko, as one of the "300 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Small Business Enterprises"
December 2019
Opened a subsidiary in Dhaka, Bangladesh
and established a cooperation with the University of Dhaka
February 2020 Naomichi Suzuki, the Governor of Hokkaido, and others visited our company for inspection.
May 2020 Raised approximately 300 million yen in funds through a third-party allocation of new shares.
August 2020年 Minister Takemoto and officials in charge of information and communication technology policies visited our company for inspection.
April 2022 Conducted a third-party allocation of new shares, raising a total of approximately 300 million yen in funds in pursuit of strengthening our AI product business.
August 2022 To foster AI talent and establish an AI verification platform, 'Sapporo AI Dojo' has been launched, and the representative, Nakamura, who is also the director of the 'Sapporo AI Lab,' has been appointed as the head instructor of the dojo.


Sapporo Head Office

Office 305, Hokkaido University Business Spring, West 12th Street, Kita-ku Kita 21 jō, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 001-0021 Japan

Tokyo Branch Office

Office 301, ACN Nihonbashi bldg, 1-10, Nihonbashi Hamacho 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0007 Japan

AI SAMURAI JAPAN Limited (Bangladesh Subsidiary)

Skylark MAK84 (5th Floor), House No. 84, Road No. 11, Block D, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh

Management and Advisors

Chief executive officer (CEO) Takuya Nakamura

Director (Administration) Shinji Suzaki

Director Daisuke Konaka

Outside Director Makoto Yasuda

Outside Director, Co-founder Dr. Hidenori Kawamura

Outside Director, Co-founder Dr. Keiji Suzuki

Corporate Auditor (full-time) Yoshimi Abe

Technical Advisor Dr. Masato Yamamoto

Technical Advisor Dr. Michio Yamashita

Technical Advisor Dr. Hiroyuki Iizuka

Technical Advisor, PhD (Information Science) Soichiro Yokoyama

Co-Principal Investigator, PhD (Information Science) Akihiro Yamashita

Financial Advisor Yoichi Yoshihara


Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have
any questions or concerns about AI implementation or development.