2019年10月1日 BJIT and Chowa Giken Corporation Announce Business Alliance in AI and AI Human Resource Development

BJIT and Chowa Giken Corporation Announce Business Alliance in AI and AI Human Resource Development
Establishing「AI SAMURAI JAPAN」, AI R&D Base in Bangladesh

BJIT Inc. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director & CEO: YasuhiroAkashi), offshore development business in Bangladesh, and Chowa Giken Corporation(headquarters: Sapporo, Hokkaido / Representative Director & CEO : Takuya Nakamura),AI research and development in Sapporo City, are proud to announce a businessalliance in the areas of AI development and AI human resource development. ChowaGiken Corporation will head “AI SAMURAI JAPAN,” an AI research and development basewithin the BJIT Offshore Development Center in Dhaka City, Bangladesh as the startpoint for their joint project.

The wave of changes caused by AI technology continue to rock the industry with nosigns of slowing, and the scope of application continues to expand at breakneck speed.According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s survey on IT humanresources supply and demand (outline), 34,000 AI human resources (* 1) are lacking asof 2018. Even when accounting for the increase in human resources for AI by universityinstitutions and in-house training, it is estimated that there will be 124,000 unfilled AIpositions by 2030. Under these circumstances, both companies aim to retain anddevelop human resources specializing in AI to fill the deficit in Japan, by leveraging theabundant IT human resource market in Bangladesh.

This business alliance, utilizing BJIT’s extensive experience and achievements inoffshore and human resource development in Bangladesh, and a wide variety of R & Dachievements and research know-how in the AI field of Chowa Giken Corporation, AIresearch and development base will be established in Dhaka City, Bangladesh toconduct joint research, provide proof of concept demonstrations, and carry out jointdevelopment.

Also, in AI human resource development, the AI-OJT Education Program of ChowaGiken Corporation will be used while cooperating with the BJIT Academy (Bangladesh:Dhaka) which conducts Japanese language and Technical education. We will alsoprovide practical AI technology education for Bangladeshi IT engineers that will beapplicable around the world.

<Content of the Business Alliance>

  1. ・Joint research and Proof of Concept experiments (PoC) using AI technology
  2. ・Collaboration of AI ( such as machine learning and deep learning) related projects
  3. ・AI specialized human resource development and joint research with nationaluniversities

Moreover, in collaboration with the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, we aim tokickstart a system for AI research and human resource development by integratingindustry and academia, with a focus on practical joint research and other activities.

(Note: * 1) AI human resources are researchers (excluding academic and research institutions) of amathematical model that realize AI, developers of software and systems equipped with AI functions, productsusing AI, Service planning/sales are defined as “AI human resources.” (Reference: Ministry of Economy, Tradeand Industry “Research on IT Human Resources Supply and Demand” April 2019)

About Bangladesh
Bangladesh has achieved significant economic growth in recent years, and is alsolisted as one of NEXT11 after BRICs. The country’s government aims to become amiddle-income country in the global economy by 2021, the 50th anniversary of itsindependence, and has set up a comprehensive policy called “Vision 21”. “DigitalBangladesh” promotes the introduction of IT technology and has been activelypromoted by the government with many IT engineers possessing elite technicalcapabilities having been produced as a result of their human resource development inthe IT field. Bangladesh is known as a pro-Japanese country and is a country with highEnglish proficiency (an average of 895 in the world in the non-native language of TOEICin recent years, the average of 895 in 2014).

About BJIT Inc.
BJIT Inc. is an integrated Bangladesh IT service company with 600 IT engineers in Japanand Bangladesh. We have been engaged in human resource development andrecruitment services, including offshore development based in Bangladesh, dispatchingIT engineers in Japan, and Japanese language education for IT engineers. We alsoprovide comprehensive IT services by abundant and excellent Bangladeshi IT engineersin the Japanese IT market, which is troubled from shortage of IT engineers. For moreinformation about our company, please

About Chowa Giken Corporation
Chowa Giken Corporation is a Hokkaido University-certified venture company thatconducts AI research, development and consulting services. Our vision is to use our AIengine (Image engine, Language engine, Numerical engine) to contribute acceleratingthe productivity and operational efficiency of our business partners by offering bespokeservices for each company. In the future, AI demand is expected to increase due to thedeclining birth rate and aging population. Amidst this backdrop, we aim to develop anddeliver high-quality AI services without boundaries in Asia. For more information aboutour company, please visit

■BJIT Inc. Company Overview
 Name: BJIT Inc.
 Headquarters:MitsuwaMita Bldg 5F, 5-1-13 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Representative Name:Representative Director & CEO Yasuhiro Akashi

■Chowa Giken Corporation Company Overview
 Name:Chowa Giken Corporation
 Headquarters:Hokudai Business Spring 305, 2 Kita 21 Jo, Nishi 12 Chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo
 Representative Name:Representative Director & CEO Takuya Nakamura

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